Thursday, June 28, 2012

Animal Skin Prints – Interior Design Fabric Trends 2012

I wanted to share with you the Interior Design Fabric Trends for 2012.  Kravet is an industry leader known for cutting edge interior design fabrics.  Kravet creates many exclusive fabric designs in addition to  representing leading fabric designer collections.  Skins and textures are hot at Kravet, and some of the collections shown are Barclay Butera, Candice Olson, Kravet Exclusive, Thom Felicia, and Echo Home. Today, I had an appointment at the Kravet Showroom to select the design fabrics that will be a part of my new line. Below are some of pillows and furniture textures I will include in the line.

Above are Kravet Exclusive Skin Prints and Textures.
Skin Animal Prints - Interior Design Fabric Trends 2012
Glam Skin Java Pillow - Ryan Studio
Blonde Leopard Pillow
Sanibel Chest
Owen Antique Dark Bronze Iron/Natural Wood Lamp
Panthera Honey Pillow
Royal Tiger Ash Pillow
Candace Olson and Barclay Butera Animal Prints 2012
Skin Animal Prints - Interior Design Fabric Trends 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Divine Creations- Custom Furniture Line

I am excited to announce that Divine Interiors Inc. will launch our very own custom furniture line. Check back for updates!

Introducing... D.I. Studio

D.I. Studio is an alternative interior design service provided by Divine Interiors, Inc. We offer affordable, stylish interior design for clients who are budget-conscious but still want a beautifully custom designed room. This is an online service, so clients across the country can enjoy D.I. Studio’s professional expertise and divine designs. 

D.I. Studio provides our clients with a custom design and all the resources to allow them to execute the room’s design on their own. Which means clients can do as little or as much of the design as they want, on their own timeline and at their own pace. This stress free service will leave you more time for shopping! We will guide you the entire way and let you know where to start and where to purchase everything. Furnishings can be purchased online or at d├ęcor store near you. Our designs will be presented in a beautiful portfolio designed to be easy to use and understand so clients can execute our designs from start to finish on their own. 

West Beverly Orthodontics Design Oct. 2008

Hello everyone! I apologize the for the delay in creating this blog. I have had so many clients asking me to create this blog and share some of my favorite projects so far. Below you will find one of my very first designs as a business owner. This was an orthodontics office in West Beverly, Illinois that I designed in October of 2008. I included the before pictures as well. Enjoy!!!